Shadows on the wall


I got out yesterday for a little walk downtown. Not much of one, really — too hot for me. I took a total of 61 photos, which is next to nothing for me when I’m out. Thankfully I did manage to get a few I like, like this one. For me, it was totally about the play of light and shadow. To be honest, I think I’ve been influenced by a new fad in colour street photography, where images often have very dark silhouettes and shadows in them, along with some vibrantly coloured walls and such. There was a time when such photographs would have been considered poorly exposed. I can’t help but wonder if this fad will stick to this era in photography, sort of like how over-processed HDR used to be all the rage yet nowadays you hardly see it anymore. Anyway, another hot and humid day here in Toronto. I have no desire to get out and shoot anymore. I can’t wait until the fall arrives with the cooler, more comfortable weather.

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