Passionate painter


Made it out for a good walkabout downtown yesterday. Ended up at Kensington Market, even though it wasn’t Pedestrian Sunday. Still, there was plenty to see and shoot. This guy was very engaged in his street portraiture painting. He didn’t even notice me taking his photo. Once I moved to the other side he finally caught me. He wasn’t concerned, just a bit surprised. I really like this shot because to me it has a lot of energy. I actually got a bunch of shots I’m happy with. Usually I get only two or three. Yesterday I got maybe 10. For me that’s a lot. Anyway, Happy Monday. Have a great day.

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2 Responses to Passionate painter

  1. Aspiring photog in Montreal says:

    I really like when your blog posts arrive in my inbox. The slices of life you capture and your insights are always interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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