Closing Sale


I like taking photos of things and places that are in a state of flux.

I’ve driven past this place for years and it’s always been a mechanic’s garage. Across the street has always been a big bowling alley (O’Connor Bowl). Recently, though, the bowling alley was sold and the land is now being redeveloped into condos. I managed to get a few shots of it being torn down.

Then this place across the street from the alley closed shop.

One day on my way home from work in late July, as I was sitting waiting for a light to change, I noticed the afternoon sun was splashing the “closing sales” sign onto the back wall in the form of a shadow. I noted the time and the following weekend I popped by late in the afternoon with my camera and captured this. The thing is, not only is the place changing, even the way the light was working this scene was changing. I mean, there is no time of day now where the sun’s placement in the sky casts that shadow on the wall. And no doubt by the time next year the sun is in the right position again, the sign will be gone and the place will have new occupants. So simply, you are seeing a shot that only existed in mid-summer 2016.

Kinda cool, if you ask me. Anyway, hope you like it.

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