Tattooed Tommy


Here’s another shot I took back in June on my vacation. The title refers to his pants, not his name. I was near Ryerson snapping photos when I noticed this shirtless dude. He looked like bad business, to be honest, but he also looked to me like a real challenge for engaging street people for a photo. I asked if I could snap a shot and he said sure. After I began walking away  he started walking with me and chatting. I was a bit nervous at first but quickly came to realize he just wanted someone to talk to. I listened to his story and how he was trying to get his life back in order. He’d done some jail time down east and was somewhat new to Toronto. I then asked for a second photo – this one – and had him stand against the wall. Turned out good and is sure to make my book. Anyway, I find that shots captured outside of your comfort zone tend to be the most rewarding. And if you want to shoot street, you’re going to have to get used to engaging strangers. Happy Monday.

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