The Red Cube


This big red box at Dundas Square is/was hiding something that was to be revealed in 5 1/2 hours from when I snapped this shot. I never did find out what it was, even though I have passed by it since then. You’d think, being a photographer, I’d be a little more curious, right? Nowadays, with regular and social media bombarding us from every angle, you don’t have to wait long before finding the answers to such questions. To contradict my last statement, I still have no idea what’s in the box; not that I really care. I just know it’s not Gwyneth Paltrow’s head. You will only get that last comment if you’ve seen the movie “Seven,” with Paltrow, Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey. If you have not seen Seven, then stop what you’re doing and download or Netflix or whatever you have to do to watch it. It’s not for the faint of heart, I’ll warn you now.

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