Walk the dog, Queen West


I liked how the light was illuminating the people in the restaurant window. The dog also played into the composition.  That’s pretty much all there is with this one. I left it on the angle because I think it works better like that. Not sure why. Your mileage may vary, of course.

I don’t usually talk politics much, since I sort of want my blog to be a nice distraction from all the nastiness in the world, but President Trump, really? I have to admit I’m more than a little surprised. The first thing I thought of when I awoke to the news was Trump standing at the podium a couple of months back mocking a disabled reporter because Trump wasn’t pleased with what he’d written about him. To go from that lowest of lows to president, I thought to myself, is a real head scratcher. But the people have spoken and now’s the time to move forward. Fingers crossed Trump turns out to be far smarter and more reasonable and fair than he came across during the campaign. Good luck to my friends down south.

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2 Responses to Walk the dog, Queen West

  1. Toxicanadian says:

    Did you notice the doggy’s tongue? Hehehe he :p

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