This is one of my favourites from that outing, back in early November. I was out with a couple of friends and we walked through the St Lawrence Market. Buster’s Sea Cove is a very busy little spot at the rear of the market, where they serve a variety of tasty seafood dishes to long lines of customers. For me, this photo works mostly because of the different expressions and actions of the people in it. It’s a busy composition but you know right away what the subject is. I snapped it with my new Fuji X Pro 2 with the 23mm f2 lens on it.

Speaking of the X Pro 2, I finally got out with it by myself on Christmas Day. Believe it or not it’s the first time I’ve been out with the camera alone. The other times I was always with a couple of other photographers, which I do enjoy but find it’s a tad distracting when it comes to learning how to use a new camera. I shot over 850 photos and walked over 12 kms, all with my 23mm f2 lens (which is equivalent to a 35mm on full frame). I had my wide angle 14mm f2.8 (which is equivalent to a 21mm on full frame) with me but since I’m very comfortable with that focal length I devoted the day to learning how to see at 23mm. I’m still getting used to shooting without a zoom lens, but it’s coming along. The trickiest part is getting the hip shots right. Since I’m shooting blind with hip shots I have to guess the right distance between me and my subject. I’ve pretty much perfected it at 24mm, since most of my hip shot shooting experience is with the 24-105mm f4 Canon lens on my Canon 5D Mrk III, but I’m finding it a challenge to know how far back to stand to get the hip shot right at 23mm (35mm eq on my 5D). The solution is a simple one: Get out and shoot, shoot, shoot.

In case I didn’t mention it before, I named my new camera Kenzie, after my favourite shooting place, Kensington Market. The Canon 5D is named Wilson, after the ball in the Tom Hanks movie Cast Away.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and holiday with family.

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