Well that’s no fun…


I shot this back on Christmas Day. As usual, I went for an epic 12 km walk from the east end of Toronto to the west. It also happened to be my first outing with Kenzie alone. I’ve been out with my new Fuji X Pro 2 with others on a couple of occasions, but never by myself. I really need time to learn how to compose with the 23mm (35mm full frame equivalent) lens. I snapped 857 shots that day, about four times my usual amount. But I was shooting anything and everything, mostly for practice. Out of all those shots I’ve got maybe 10 keepers.

When I saw this window I knew right away how I wanted to compose the shot. It was mostly for the humour of it. Anyway, hope you had a nice Christmas with family and friends. Before my big walk I picked up my dad and took him out for Breakfast. It was nice.

This weekend I’m hoping to get out for more walking with Kenzie. I’m really enjoying her. Poor Wilson (my Canon 5D Mrk III) has been a bit neglected, but I’ll get him out soon.

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