Happy New Year


Hope you had a nice long weekend and brought in the New Year with family and/or friends. Mine was, as usual, rather quiet – just the way I like it. I did manage to get out for a walkabout three days in a row. My walk Saturday and Sunday was about 9 km each day and on Monday I walked another 5 km. No camera with me Monday, though. Sunday I walked to a Toronto landmark known as Honest Ed’s Warehouse (Bathurst & Bloor). It’s being torn down, sadly, and replaced with yet more condos. I wanted to take a bunch of photos of the place before it’s gone. You’ll be seeing them here over the winter.

I don’t make new year’s resolutions. Nothing against them, it’s just not for me. A week back I watched a documentary on Netflix called The Minimalists. It’s about getting rid of the clutter in your life. Not just your “stuff” but also ridding yourself of the things that don’t make you happy. They talked about living your life “deliberately” and I found that it made me really think about how I’ve been living my own life. My takeaway was more along the lines of “You’ll be happier if you stop coasting through life and letting things just happen and instead start taking deliberate action to get you to your goals.” I keep telling myself, “Live deliberately.” And it’s working, so far. I’ve been more focused. I started working on my photography books again, and working out more. I’m thinking about what I eat and trying to avoid crap more. Anyway, it’s not a resolution, per say. I just happened to watch the doc a week before New Year’s.

Hope you have a fantastic year, and that you meat all your challenges head on. Best wishes for 2017.

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