Meet Kenzie




For a little change I thought today I’d share my new (well, relatively new) camera, Kenzie. My big Canon 5D is named Wilson, after the ball in the Tom Hanks movie, Cast Away. Kenzie is named after Kensington Market, which to me is what this camera is made for – serious street shooting for those who cannot afford a Leica.

On the camera is the new 23mm f2 Fuji lens, which gives you a focal length of 35mm in full frame terms. In the bag I have a 14mm f2.8, which is a 21mm full frame equivalent.

The strap — ahhh, the strap — is hand crafted by Harry Benz. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and made from buffalo hide. Harry’s straps don’t come cheap, but in my opinion there’s just nothing else out there that’s as high quality. Notice there’s no adjustment? That’s because you order it to the specific length that suits you and he makes it to that measurement. Being a Toronto guy, I got to meet him and discuss his craft for an afternoon over coffees. Let me tell you, the man is passionate about what he does.

The thumb rest and soft release shutter button are both by Lensmate.I picked the red soft release knowing that it would go perfectly with my strap, which also has a read pinstripe detailing on the edges.

I wanted to trick out the camera and really make is special to me. I’ve got to say, this camera is simply amazing and is exactly all I’d hoped for. It’s a joy to take out.

Speaking of getting out, I spent the past two days out shooting. Like, full days. I have no idea how many miles I walked but it’s over 10 for sure. Got a ton of shots to share.

Hope you have a great week. It’s Family Day here in Ontario so I’m off work and back tomorrow. Cheers.

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