I saw this guy sitting in a cafe window during one of our remarkably warm February days a couple of weeks back and snapped this shot. I took it with my Fuji X Pro 2 sporting the 23mm f2 lens (35mm FF eq.) and cropped it square. The dude I was photographing wasn’t aware of me but the guy behind him certainly was. I didn’t care. You can’t care, really. Not if you want to get good, candid street shots of people. It’s all about the photograph. If someone squawks you can always apologize and offer to delete the photo, or email them a copy. I’ve done both. The one thing I never do is to be rude about it when I get called out.

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2 Responses to Crossword

  1. wakeupinacity says:

    This is your opinion of course but highly arguable. I think saying ‘it’s all about the photo’ and that basically you don’t care what people think is, in my opinion, really wrong. Uncaring photographers destroy nature for the right photograph and upset people for the right photograph. Stealing someone’s photo is a photographic rape! Nothing will happen to you if you don’t get a particular photo – you’ll just get another one like you do everyday – however someone might feel upset they were used. You should always care!!! Getting better by making someone uncomfortable is just not the right approach. Please respect people as a photographer otherwise you’ll give a bad reputation to street photography and make it difficult for everyone. A good responsible photographer knows how to be discreet.

    • Well, let’s begin with your assumption that I don’t care what people think. You don’t know me from Adam yet here you are coming to conclusions about what’s going on in my mind. As for the rest of your comment, you lost me after “photographic rape” so I’m not going to bother responding to it. But thanks for your thoughts.

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