While this might seem like a pretty innocuous photo taken at a bookstore, but consider this: Had Trump lost the election last November none of these books would be featured on the shelf at the isle’s end right now.

When I snapped this shot an older lady working at the bookstore asked why I was taking the photo. I explained what I just said about Trump and we ended up having a nice discussion about what’s going on down there.

Being Canadian and all, I don’t care to share my opinion, as it doesn’t matter. I have no say on what goes on in the U.S., plus, here in Canada we have some very dire problems with our provincial and federal governments. My opinion is that Canadian’s should be investing their energy into what’s happening in their own country before blathering on incessantly about the president of another country.

Anyway, the main reason I snapped this photo was to capture a moment in history. Perhaps fifty years from now someone might come across it and recognize it’s significance. Maybe not.

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