So I broke down and purchased a Fujinon XF 18mm f2 R prime lens for my Fujifilm X Pro 2. Ordered it through eBay brand new from Thailand. Was really worried about it since I’ve never ordered anything from eBay and certainly not from some seller in Thailand. But within 10 days it arrived just as promised. It cost me about the going price of a used one in Canada. I saved around $400 CAD.

Anyway, today was my first day out with it and I was really concerned about its performance. There’s a lot of hate on for this little lens. It’s soft, they say. It’s a slow focuser, they say. Lots of choma around the edges they say. Noisy, they say. Well, to my surprise and relief, the lens is great. It’s very sharp once you stop down to f5.6, which is pretty mush where I like to shoot anyway. The focus speed was just as good as my other lenses, so no complaint there. The only thing that’s a tad annoying is it does indeed make some noise when focusing. But nothing I can’t live with. It’s slightly wider than the 23mm I’ve been using most of the time, but for my style of street shooting slightly wider fits me perfectly. The lens is also quite contrasty, which I like.

I snapped this today at The Village Festival on Church, which is in the heart of Toronto’s gay community. My buddy and I were there a little early so things hadn’t gotten busy yet, but we did manage to get a few shots. From there we headed west to The Taste of Little Itally on College Street. That was a lot more happening. Got a bunch of shots with the new lens that I’m very happy with. You’ll be seeing them in the coming days and weeks.

Have a great weekend.

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