What do I have to do to get your attention?


Big day out yesterday. Parked downtown then walked to uptown and poked around Yorkville awhile. I then hopped the subway west to Dundas West and headed over to a neighbourhood called The Junction (Keele & Dundas). They were having their annual Summer Solstice Street Festival. I walked it like four times before walking all the way back downtown, where I ended up on Church St. (our gay village in Toronto). I missed the Dyke March (it’s always the day before the big Gay Parade) but the street was still closed and packed with people celebrating. I’ll be posting photos from that this week. Maybe even later today, if I get a chance to finish editing them.All in all I must have walked a dozen kilometres yesterday. Slept very well last night.

Anyway, when I walked by this store (it was closed for some reason) on the way to the Junction, there was no cat in the window, but on the way back, low and behold. Boy he was cute. Seemed very friendly and looked like he only wanted to cuddle. Sadly, with the glass between us that wasn’t in the cards.

Have a great Sunday.

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