Foot bridge on Queen


Over the summer they replaced the foot bridge that spans Queen Street and links Toronto’s famous Eaton Centre with The Hudson’s Bay department store. I took some shots of Queen while the bridge was down and some shots when the new one was finally erected.

This one is much later, as they finish the interior of the bridge. I was on a balcony at the Eaton Centre that’s usually closed to the public, but that morning the door was ajar to accommodate a large air intake pipe, which was pumping air into the bridge space. The guys were laying flooring so I assume they were using toxic adhesives, which is why they needed the pumped in fresh air.

I took a bunch of shots but I like this one because the orange of the cab matches the orange vest of the guy working on the bridge. The bridge is set to open before the Christmas shopping season begins, so it won’t be too much longer now.

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