Scooter in the rain


This is sort of a good example of making a photo rather than taking a photo. I’d come across this interesting set of stairs and knew it would make a great element in my photo, but I needed more. Either someone walking by, a cyclist or perhaps an interesting old car. Problem was, the walls on each side of the stairs entirely blocked my ability to see what was coming along. All I could do was focus and set my composition and wait.

And wait. And wait.

People and cyclists did come along but there was always other things in the photo at the same time, like cars on the other side of the street, or too many people in the wrong locations, etc.

What I was waiting for was a perfect moment with only a single interesting subject in the upper left of the frame, where all my leading lines seem to be pointing to.

After almost 10 minutes this lone scooter rider whizzed by and I fire the shutter. Had I missed him, I might have ended up standing there another hour waiting for the next interesting thing to come into my frame.

The point is this: Making a photograph is defined by the process of pre-envisioning the end results by recognizing that what’s currently in your frame on it’s own is not the photo. That through patience the missing element or elements will come along to round out your vision of what’s possible. Some people would have seen these stairs and simply snapped a shot of them, thinking they were enough. Sure, it would have been okay, but the scooter really adds to the photo and makes the stairs more of a backdrop than the subject itself.

Making a photograph is the art of seeing what’s possible rather than just pointing your camera at what’s already in front of you.

Hope you like it.

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