White bus leaving


I’m really pleased with this shot. To me, it’s quintessential street photography. It’s simple, with really only three main elements – the bus, the woman and the crosswalk. Yet there’s a story there, if you wish to see it. Perhaps she’s missed the bus and is watching it leave without her. Or she’s trying to see a loved one through the tinted windows as they say their last goodbyes.

The point is, there’s an inherent mystery about the shot, an ambiguity to it. The story exists only if you wish to see it. And each of us will bring to it a different story based on our own life experiences. I really like that in street photography. Ideally, there should be something unsaid, a story suggested but not told. Something that sparks one’s imagination and causes one to pause and reflect. The best street photography always draws the viewer back for another look, another contemplation.

I’m not trying to say this particular photos does all that, of course. Only that for me I do like that a potential story does exist. I’m not out on the street trying for these shots, mind you. I just shoot whatever catches my eye. Sometimes it’s only later when reviewing the shots in Lightroom that I am pleasantly surprised by one. Anyway, I hope you like it.

NEWS: For any of you Canadian street photographers who happen to be on Facebook, I am an Admin for the “Street Photographer Canada” FB page and we just launched a photography contest. You could win a copy of Bystander – The History of Street Photography and a one year subscription to Street Photography Magazine if you enter. You have to join the group to enter. The rules/guidelines are pinning to the top of the page. Hope to see you there. I’m also an Admin for “Toronto Street Photography” FB page and you’re welcome to join that, too.

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4 Responses to White bus leaving

  1. Toxicanadian says:

    “I’m not trying to say this particular photos does all that, of course.”

    Dave, you’re too modest. This shot does all that and more. ☺

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