Snowy Gooderham


I shot this a couple of days before Christmas with my Canon 5D Mrk III and a 50mm f1.4 prime lens on it. It’s Toronto’s most famous flat iron building, The Gooderham. I waited for the taxi to enter my frame, as I liked the colour of it with the colour of the brickwork on the building. I really like a fast prime lens on a full frame camera. You can get a nice shallow depth of field. Hope you like it.

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3 Responses to Snowy Gooderham

  1. Syracuse has a flat iron Bldg like this across from City Hall so to speak … I’ve seen yours in Toronto amny times and was going to check it out. Still haven’t done it LOL Great shot an here’s hoping you may have some infor about it? Happy New Year and pray 2018 is much better!

  2. The last two years for me have been messed up open heart surgery and a nursing home that ‘tried’ to do me in … many injuries! Oh well, they’ll ger theis I hope! Rick =)

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