The “Men Ruin Everything” March











So I made it out to the 2nd annual women’s rights march. Last year it was mostly about Trump. This year is was a full on “men are bad” march. Okay, I exaggerate, but I’ll admit I was a little put off by the tone. Not a big fan of sweeping generalizations.

Anyway, as a photojournalist I am there not to judge but to capture the moment. I wasn’t feeling it like last year, but I still managed to get a few I liked. Hope you like them too.

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6 Responses to The “Men Ruin Everything” March

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  2. Toxicanadian says:

    Kind of a shame, isn’t it ? There’s women’s rights, then there’s blatant man-bashing. 😔

    • Yeah, but I guess it’s a sign of the times. What sort of bothered me was the number of very young girls, like under 12 years old, who were being exposed to the man hating crap. I really enjoy seeing kids at these rallies and protests because I think it’s great to teach them at a young age that they have a voice and that they should stand up and be counted when it comes to just causes, but this sort of thing I think really muddies the message. Women’s right and equality is something to stand for, no question, but it doesn’t mean (or shouldn’t mean) bashing men. Imagine the outrage if a bunch of men started marching around with signs that said “women ruin everything.”

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