How not to back up your car


What’s funny is I’m certain she noticed me photographing her but still didn’t duck down out of my shot. And I was with two other photographers, and they were also snapping away at this funny sight. My buddy Geoff actually got the best shot of the three of us but accidentally erased his entire memory card when he got home. What a disappointment. I actually found myself thinking about the great shots he’s showed me on the back of his LCD screen while we were walking, all gone now. As for the girl and the car, both were stationary and she was on her phone (who the hell isn’t nowadays).

Fujifilm X Pro 2 issue: So I noticed lately, like every since I upgraded my firmware from 3.12 to 4.01, my camera seems to be struggling to auto focus. This is especially prevalent when I’m snapping off two or more shots back to back quickly. It’ll focus the first time but for subsequent shots it seems to struggle, even though I’m aiming at the same subject and the subject hasn’t moved much. Like when I’ll fire off three shots in a row of someone with their head out of a car sunroof. First shot, no problem. Second and third, the lens hunts. And it happens with both my lenses, the 18/f2 and the 23/f2. I’m wondering if the latest firmware update puts a strain on the camera’s processor, since the new firmware adds 4k video, which I don’t need and never use. I dropped Fuji an email query about this over the weekend and am awaiting a response.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this photo.

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