Winter ice storm in mid-April




So mother nature decided to treat us Torontonians (and much of Ontario, in fact) to a winter ice storm this weekend, almost a month into spring. How sweet of her.

So while I could have taken the bad weather opportunity to stay home and edit photos or clean house, I went downtown to capture the storm – well, the people out and about in the storm, actually. How on earth my umbrella survived turning itself inside out a few dozen times during my outing is beyond me. The wind inspired awe. Anyway, I walked around for maybe three hours and actually managed to get some shots I’m happy with.

I was actually supposed to be doing a talk on street photography for a buddy who is running a two day workshop, but that got postponed to May when the weather will hopefully be more cooperative.

On that note I’m seriously thinking to teach one day street photography workshops. This upcoming presentation I’m giving will sort of be a trial run. Now, that alone won’t make me money enough on which to survive, but I was also thinking to start a guided street photography slanted walking tour of Toronto for tourists. Basically, for a fee I’d take visitors to Toronto out on walks, showing them the sites and teaching them how to get the best photos. It would be very one on one. For now that’s all just a thought. If a solid 9/5 job comes along I’ll be jumping on it. I need the structure in my life, to be honest.

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  1. Inbox it soundl wonderful!!!

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