Love is…


I shot this last weekend during another walk through the west end. My views on Love are tainted by my lifelong failure at it, to be honest. Like everyone I have my times when I yearn for it, but mostly – and especially as I’ve gotten older – I’ve trained myself to turn my back on it; to look at it as something from which to run.

I’m not a good looking guy, I have to say, and as such I’ve always ended up on the losing end of this illness called Love. Once in a very blue moon someone comes along and I find myself drawn to her and can’t help but fall for her, but it always ends the same, with me with a broken heart and alone again. Why on earth anyone would want to do that to themselves is beyond me. It’s a hopeless endeavor, at least for someone like me.

Anyway, I saw this storefront and it got me thinking about Love again. Perhaps it’s spring in the air, I don’t know. Better close my windows and turn my back on the idea while I still can.

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