Last weekend my friend Tiffany, another photographer, met up with us. She’s a real beauty and was happy to pose for some shots. I only had my 18/2 (28mm full frame equivalent) prime lens with me, unfortunately, as it’s a bit wide for portrait work. Ideally you want something in the range of 85mm to 135mm for shooting portraiture. We’re hoping to get together for a proper photo shoot in the very near future, once the cooler autumn weather arrives.

So I’m about ready to begin writing another article. It’s called “Picture Don’t Tell Stories”. The title is sure to raise an eyebrow or two, which is by design. I’ll be arguing that good street/documentary photographs are ambiguous and evocative, and if there is a story to be told it lies in the viewer’s interpretation, not within the photo itself. I should point out I’m talking about a single image here, not a set of images put together to create a photo essay. The point I’ll be hopefully making is, by accepting that photos don’t tell stories you can become a better editor/curator of your work. Anyway, I’ve been making notes for the past few weeks and I think I’ve finally ready to put it all together.

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