Kensington Gals


Okay, so here’s a little tip (two, actually) on how to get more comfortable at taking photos of random strangers. You see a bunch of lovely women wanted to do a group shot, you stop and offer to take the photo for them. Once done, you ask them if you can take one too. They always say yes. The second tip is, goof around with them and make them laugh. Laughter will get them comfortable and relaxed so they aren’t giving you a forced pose. I forget what I said the moment before firing the shutter but it sure got them giggling. Worked just as planned.

One day soon I’m going to offer a three or four hour workshop on approaching and photographing random people in the streets. Just gotta get my shit together first.

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2 Responses to Kensington Gals

  1. Toxicanadian says:

    Absolutely L ♡ V E this shot! 😄

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