Kensington Market


We had some beautiful weather here in Toronto yesterday. It was around +11 C and somewhat sunny. My buddies and I walked to Kensington Market for a little Sunday shooting. This guy is one of the most difficult dudes to photograph at the Market. The moment he even sees you with your camera he’ll turn his back to you until you’re gone. Simply, he does not like his photo taken. While I totally understand and share his dislike of being photographed, the fact he makes such an effort to avoid it only makes it a challenge for me. So I saw him out front of his store having a smoke and as I walked by I faced the storefronts opposite him, so as to appear that I hadn’t even taken notice of his side of the street. When I got the the spot I knew I needed to be for this photo, I turned and quickly raised my camera to my eye and fired off a single shot. He immediately spun around and put his back to me, but I was quicker on the draw. It was a satisfying capture.

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