Change is good


I was watching another photographer shoot this homeless guy. The photographer took his shots from quite a distance and also from behind. Perhaps it’s just me, but I’m tired of the staggering number of street photographs of people from behind I keep seeing on FB and Instagram. This poor guy was asleep so there was really no reason for the photographer to be so afraid of getting close and shooting the man’s front side.

Anyway, I really had no intention of photographing him, but then this family crossed the street and the woman leaned over to see if there was coffee in the man’s cup, before she plunked some change in it. She then lead her children up to him to also drop change in his cup, which was nice to see. Such a teachable moment. I snapped this shot, along with a couple of the kids dropping in their change, but the photos of the kids didn’t work as well as this one.

Coincidentally, when I posted this to IG one of the family members saw it and commented on it, explaining what the woman was doing. Small world, eh?

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. I ended up spending Christmas even at a close friend’s place, which was nice. On Christmas Day I headed downtown for a long walkabout with my camera, as I usually do on this day every year.

Best wishes for a prosperous new year.

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2 Responses to Change is good

  1. That’s a great picture. I tend to feel awkward taking this sort of image because there is a vulnerable person involved and that’s probably what the other photographer felt. I think your image is an important one and should be viewed.

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