I shot this on Queen St near City Hall late March. If his sign doesn’t encourage people to contribute I don’t know what will. He’s actually an articulate and intelligent gentleman. He doesn’t like using shelters because he’s been robbed too often in them. I don’t understand why we build shelters that are unsafe for people. Anyway, hope you like the shot. I specifically waited for the bus to fill the frame behind him.

So I sold my house and am moving downtown. It’s a major downsizing for me. My new space is less than a third the size of my house. I’m selling everything I own and starting new. By moving downtown I’ll be a lot closer to where I spend most of my time. But man, talk about anxiety inducing. I have so so much to do and sell. Thankfully the closing is June 28th so I have plenty of time to get organized. Already sold off a handful of items. Lots more to go. Wish me luck.

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