Fuji XPro3 at Kensington Market

So last week I was contacted by one of Toronto’s big camera store and asked if I’d be interested in doing a video review of the new Fujifilm XPro3 rangefinder style camera. Of course I jumped at the change. Last Friday I met up with their videographer, Dale, at Kensington Market and we spent the afternoon shooting. The review is more of a user experience rather than a technical review. We also covered a bunch of tips for street photography. Being a Fuji XPro2 shooter, the XPro3 was very familiar to me already. I’ll share the final results when the camera store posts the video to YouTube. Fingers crossed it turns out well. Here are some of the shots I got with the new camera. Sadly, because I’m editing on Lightroom 6 rather than Adobe’s subscription model, my version of LR doesn’t support the new camera or the new film simulation, Classic Neg. All the shots were edited using Fuji’s Classic Chrome film simulation. Hope you like them.

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