City on lockdown

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I decided to begin a documentary photography project to showcase what’s going on in Canada’s biggest city right now. Like many places around the globe, we’re in a virtual lockdown. Pretty much everything’s closed, in an effort to “flatten the curve” as they say. You can still shop and still grab coffee and meals to go, but that’s about it. The street in our downtown core were virtually dead yesterday, as I walked around taking photos. And yes, I was practicing “social distancing,” as strongly encouraged by all levels of government.

I’ll likely shoot almost daily for the next week or two and from it hopefully I’ll do a book or at least a slideshow. Here’s a few random images from yesterday’s outing. The mall you’re seeing is the Eaton Centre, Canada’s busiest mall, on a sunny Saturday at lunch hour. The only other time I see it like this is when I go on my Christmas day walkabout every year.

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