Shot this three weeks back. He’d stopped for the lights at Queen & Yonge and I was crossing in front of him. I just dropped low and snapped off the shot really quickly. I’d planned on converting it to b/w but colour seems to work better with this one. Hope you like it. Stay safe out there.

On another note, I just finished another article for Petapixel, the online photography magazine. This one was the toughest I’ve had to write so far. I make the audacious argument that photos don’t tell stories. I’ve carried this one in my head since last summer but could never figure a way into it. Today I finally got it down onto pater. I still need to sit on it a few days to a week to see if it needs any tweaks. In the meantime I have to go through my archive to dig up interesting images that’ll go well with the piece. Wish me luck.

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