AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario)


This is one of the most beautiful buildings in Toronto. However, because of traffic and parked cars it’s next to impossible to get a clean shot of it. It’s also huge. The glass facade is over twice the length than what’s shown in the photo, but I was more focused on getting that streetcar reflection in the glass “roof.”

This weekend is going to be really interesting in Toronto. We’re still under a full lockdown but as we get nearer to opening things up again I’m seeing more and more people and cars out and about. This Saturday and Sunday will be the warmest, sunniest days of the year to date, with highs reaching 20+ C. My guess if we’ll see far more people breaking isolation than ever before. Could be bad news if it results in another spike in covid-19 cases. Let’s hope not. Anyway, hope you like the photo.

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