Tall Buildings


I’ve actually shot this one before, many years back, but I’d totally forgotten where I was. When I stumbled upon this spot again last Sunday, I couldn’t help but shoot it again. I think it turned out nice. I’m still processing images from last Sunday. It was beautiful here in Toronto and I kept catching neat stuff to shoot. It was maybe the best days of the year for me, until it became the worst.

I got home to a phone call from my dad’s landlord. Long story short, I found him dead on his living room floor. It was old age, not Covid19 related. Very heartbreaking. I’m now busy clearing out his apartment and dealing with his affairs. At least now he’s with mom again, if you believe in that sort of religious stuff. I guess that makes me an orphan.

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4 Responses to Tall Buildings

  1. Great framing.
    Sorry about your news and finding out that way. Comes to us all, though I’m sure it feels brutally personal each and every time.

  2. Condolences to you regarding your Dad.

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