Do Photos Really Tell Stories?

Here’s my latest article for Petapixel Magazine. Simply, I raise the question, do photographs tell stories, and I attempt to make the argument that they do not. At least not single photos. A group of images that make up a photo essay can lead the viewer to a story, in my opinion, but not individual images. Give it a read, if you like, and feel free to offer your own opinion in the comments below. Hope you enjoy it.

Petapixel Magazine: Do Photos Really Tell Stories?

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2 Responses to Do Photos Really Tell Stories?

  1. Ryan Garden says:

    I’ve always thought that photos allow the viewer to read their own story. As in most cases a photo can be interpreted many different ways. Is that where the saying “a picture is worth thousand words” comes from?
    As a photographer we hope the image we publish provides the same feeling that we aimed for, but to quote another saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” art in its many forms is open to the viewers own interpretation & imagination.

    Great article, makes you think about how we read photographs. Thank you for sharing.

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