Night Street Photography

Thought I’d share some of my colour night photography. To be honest, I’m not that skilled at night photography. I find that editing colour night images very difficult. The amount of tweaking I have to do in Lightroom (LR) with white balance and split toning is tiresome. I know that if I had the latest version of LR it would be much easier, but I’d give up photography altogether before I’d ever pay Adobe a monthly subscription fee. So for now I’m stuck with LR6, but at least I own it. If I ever buy a new camera or lens that’s not supported by LR6 my plan is to move to Capture One, which is a robust photo editing software. Anyway, these ones came out okay, I think, but man it was a lot of work. Hope you like them.

If you’re wondering why I’m posting a lot of colour work on my blog lately, it’s because I’m posting only Black & White images to my Instagram account. I figured I’d split it up. If you’d like to see my b/w work, visit my Instagram.

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