Ahhh… Spring has finally sprung here in Toronto, Canada!

So we’re back into a lockdown again. Our reopening was short lived, like two weeks long. But what’cha gonna do, right? Case numbers were growing like crazy and our ICU beds across the province were filling up quickly. The latest lockdown is for another 28 day’s which isn’t too bad, but boy it’s gotta be tough on the small businesses forced to shutter their doors once again. Mind you, they’re still permitted to do curbside pickup and restaurants and cafes can still do take-out orders. I guess that’s better than nothing.

I got my first of two vaccines earlier today, so there’s some good news. The second one’s not until late July, which is much longer than Pfizer recommends, but I guess that’s better than nothing.

Here are more recent colour street shots of downtown Toronto. Hope you like them. If you’re keen on b/w street photography, I post all my b/w worek on Instagram nowadays. Check me out here.

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