From the archives

So I’ve been busy going through my archives on the hunt for images that might make the cut for my upcoming (I hope, by Black Friday this year) colour street photography book. Problem is, back when I made these images in 2012 my style of editing was garishly over-processed. I was in love with super high contrast shots with lots of vignetting and a yellow colour cast, for some reason. But I’ve since learned that putting lipstick on a pig can’t save a lackluster image.

Nowadays I am far more confident in my editing and do not use it to try to save a “meh” image. This means I have to focus on making stellar images that aren’t reliant on post-processing. Also, since I’m now leaning more to documentary photography than pure street photography, I tend to want to edit the images in a realistic manner.

With all four of these images I had to reset them in post and begin editing them again from scratch. I did attempt my hand at tweaking the colours to give them a more cinematic feel, I have to admit. I think they came out nice. Hope you like them.

If you would like to see my black & white street/documentary photography, check me out on Instagram.

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