Some oldies in colour

All of these shots date back to 2012/2013. I’ve re-edited each of them. With the first two I was trying my hand at a cinematic colour palette, employing teal in the shadows and redish yellow in the highlights. I find this technique really only works on darker images and night shots, but maybe it’s just that I need more practice. Anyway, hope you like them. Enjoy your weekend.

As I’ve mentioned before, please check me out on Instagram for my black & white street work.

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2 Responses to Some oldies in colour

  1. dobrucki says:

    Hey Dave, The orange and Teal look, aka the Edward Hopper look, is something I’ve been working on lately. I really like your 1st pic above, reminds me of the Tango Palace cafe on Queen East. I wonder if you’re using Lightroom presets for this. I’ve been trying to get the look, with mixed results, sooc from my Fuji x100f, but usually have to touch up in LR. You’re right, this works best at night. And here’s a link to a night project I did last summer, trying to get the orange/teal look.

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