Breaking Newton’s Law

They quarantined gravity today.
Wrestled it to the ground
isolating it
within a sealed vacuum.

Big government secret
the report said, and warned that
the law of gravity will be amended,
and a new tax is to be expected,
as if we’d expect anything less.

I’m sure it’s no lie,
I read it in the Enquirer
(expiring minds and all)
right under the Hitler Cloned
article. And you know they tell
only the truest
of truths.

And no,
it wasn’t my paper. Wouldn’t
catch one under my arm.
And I can say with all honesty
I’d have missed it completely
if it hadn’t floated by.


9 Responses to Breaking Newton’s Law

  1. “Hitler cloned”—lol

  2. jane boyle says:

    I really like this. Needs a Tom Waits soundtrack.

  3. timruane24 says:

    Hi. This is an excellent poem. “–They quarantined gravity today.”–This is a masterful line and masterful lead. I haven’t been following your writing much, I am sorry to say. I have this twitter brain and am inclined not to read more than a line or two. i will, however, pay more attention to your stuff. Again, this is a great poem.

  4. yi-ching lin says:

    a lovely gem of a poem, including the first line, the expected tax, and, the way i read the ending, how you wouldn’t be caught dead with the paper under your arm (smile).

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