G.I. Joe

GI Joe’s a stand up guy,
with eyes of steel,
and a kungfu grip.
Won’t catch him
on Oprah or Geraldo
whining about
his nazi neighbors,
or his
homo’ brother.

No siree,
not me, he’d say;
too busy with dirt,
& tanks, & guns;
too busy
bringing up your kids right,
so they know how to
fight, and die.
No one likes a kid
who doesn’t die good.

And as for Barbie?
Well Ken can have her.
GI Joe
don’t need her trouble,
but if he did,
then look out Ken,
cause GI Joe
could snap your fucking neck
with his kungfu grip,
you flake!


4 Responses to G.I. Joe

  1. aswirly says:

    LOL. I read this before when last you posted a barbie shot but forgot to comment. Haha, it’s so great. “No one likes a kid who doesn’t die good” is a great line!

  2. O the overflow of testosterone!
    Joe vs Ken in the survival of the ‘fittest’?

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