Just Another Day

I found a foot today

Walking down Parliament Street
on the cracked dirty sidewalk
with the sun low and in the right sky
peeking out from between low buildings
in various states of dilapidation
with cars passing
and people in them looking

There it was waiting
just left of the right streetcar track
about twenty feet up from Carlton Street
laying around in the late afternoon sun
on its side with vehicles speeding around it
obliviously heading to other locations

But I wasn’t making any excuses for it
It was there and I was there
and there was no denying that
With a trot out and a dart back
I now had the foot in hand

Not much of one really
less than I would have expected
if this story were told to me
in a cloud of cigarette haze, lies, and laughter
But no lies here just me and foot
as true as day as real as life

Took it home what else could I do
Plus the more I looked at it
the more I began to question
the familiarity of the thing
like maybe this isn’t my first foot

It’s common knowledge
once a foot’s on its own
it’s okay to call it a thing

Pulled it out of the size 10 ½ sneaker
and put it in my Fridgidaire to keep it fresh
I then taped the appropriate note to the shoe
and left it in the skinny hallway
outside my apartment door
just in case the owner happened by

I’m waiting till Friday (two days)
then it goes with the garbage
I market on Saturday
and don’t have the room for it
That’s just how it is
Sometimes things like this happen


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