November’s Frost

A shallow grey sky
holds close to the sea
a lone seagull soars
as sailing boats sail
not far from the shore
where avenues of waves
untouched by the earth
move silent and free

Autumn kites fly
from excited young hands
kissed by the wind
that holds their sails true
unfolded like wings
that dance over land
in a sky shallow grey
and a sea lonely blue

Hallow’s eve crouches
and the giving of thanks
Summer’s long crumpled
forgotten and dead
like the leaves on the trees
burnt yellow and red
and the season of change
carves pumpkins to life
as the days lose their strength
giving up to the night
Spare me a castle
built from the sand
a green leaf to remember
to hold in my hands
and spare me the memory
of broken love lost
for all my heart holds
is a November’s frost


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