Favourite Photos

Here you’ll find some of my personal favourite photos.

8 Responses to Favourite Photos

  1. I’m missing some click thing. sos

  2. Hi 47WB,
    No you’re not. I just haven’t loaded my favourite photos onto this part of my blog yet. That’s coming, through. I’ll probably create a post introducing it when I do finally add the photos.

    • Dorit says:

      Dear Lazy photographer.
      I understand that your art is free. Nevertheless I would like to give you something in return. I am an Israeli writer. Tomorrow a short story of mine will be published in Hebrew with your beautiful picture as an illustration. I would like to send you my story – in English of course. Can you please send me your Email.
      In any case – thank you so much for you sensitivity art.
      My Email id doritkedar@gmail.com

  3. Melissa Lynn says:

    I would love to see your favorite photos

  4. katti says:

    hmmm. still no favorite photos?

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