Sally (a song)

Sally worked at the local bar
near the county line.
She looked just like a movie star
with hair so long and fine.

I met her when I turned twenty-one,
she said, Boy now you’re a man.
So pack up your gear and get the hell out of here,
before you lose sight of your plans.

But I’m too afraid of leaving.
And you’re the reason that I stay.
I’ve been here so long I’m believing
that I’ll never get away.

I pump gas at the town garage,
I know everyone by name.
They say to me there’s a world to see,
but I’m sure it’s all the same.

I see her every Friday night,
I stop in for a beer.
Sometimes I wonder why I waste my life
hanging out in here.


Well twenty years has passed me by,
and I’m still hanging around.
Sally married some other guy
and left this one horse town.

Sometimes I get a post card
from some exotic place.
Sally writes of a brand new life
as I wipe the tears from my face.


I sit alone in my single room
watching black and white tv.
I think of the world and I think of the girl
and the way things used to be.

It’s funny but I knew it,
back when I was twenty-one.
I should have left this little town
when I had a chance to run.



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