Christmas crowds will be malling

This was shot back in May when no doubt Christmas was the furthest thing in mind for the lady in the photo. Now the malls are packed and the hunt for the perfect gift is on. I hate shopping for Christmas. When my Mom was alive we stopped that years earlier. Just card with a couple of lotto tickets sufficed. The shared experience of family at Christmas was enough of a gift. Plus, you don’t have to waste time shopping for a lottery ticket, right? 😉 Anyway, tomorrow’s Friday again, thank god. I’m hoping to have a relaxing, chore-free weekend (I did most of my chores throughout the week). Maybe I’ll even make it out for some photography.

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6 Responses to Christmas crowds will be malling

  1. Frances says:

    Nice photo…love that it’s Friday tomorrow. Needed to go Xmas shopping tonight but said NO at the end of the day. Getting some wisdom teeth out on Monday…and I’m not 19!! What people will do to get some time off work when they have no vacation left….

  2. Casie Nguyen says:

    Ahhh black friday madness is horrible! I resorted to online shopping this year to avoid the crowds! >.<

    • We don’t really have it here. Our Thanksgiving is about a month before yours. Some Canadian retailers are starting to get on the black Friday bandwagon to try to entice folks from shopping south of the border. Not sure it’s working all that well. I’m lucky in that I really don’t have anyone to shop for.

  3. Rob Slaven says:

    Interesting. Ever have any trouble shooting at the mall?

    • Thank you Rob. So far I’ve been lucky and no one’s bothered me when taking photos. It might be that the Eaton Centre is considered a tourist attraction. For the most part where they draw the line is when you attempt to set up a tripod.

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