The Duck




We had our annual Redpath Sugar Waterfront Festival this Canada Day weekend. Based on the huge turnout I’m guessing it was quite a success. Our ever wasteful Liberal government flushed $120K of taxpayers’ money down the toilet on a six story inflatable duck; however, it also seemed to be quite the success. Everyone was desperate to get a selfie with the duck. Irrespective of the cost to taxpayers, I think it did add a buzz to the weekend that the festival has lacked in other years. The duck will, apparently, be shipped to other waterfronts across the province over the summer, so when you consider it was not just a weekend thing, the price doesn’t seems to bad. Plus, it means other taxpayers around the province will get to take a selfie with North America’s most expensive inflatable duck. Anyway, I did get out all day yesterday and had a fun time. Happy Canada Day.

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