Someone’s having a bad day


I’m really drawn to photo journalistic type photography. Whenever I see something newsworthy I get right in there to shoot it. It’s good practice because you have to be very quick and you have to get it from multiple angles so your editors at the newspaper have some choices as to which photo to use with the story. At any moment you can be asked to leave, to go stand on the sidewalk 30 feet away. And I don’t shoot with a zoom anymore so the only way for me to get a tight shot is to get right in there where the action is. In this case the action was pretty much over. There was an ambulance just out of sight where I suspect the bike rider was being treated. Not sure of his/her injuries but since the ambulance was just sitting there I suspect they were minor and the rider was being treated on the scene rather than rushed to the hospital. At least I hope that’s the case.

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