Lone tree in the park — Woodbine Park, Beaches, Toronto

I really do wish I knew how to use Photoshop better. I have a vision for how this photo should look and I know it’s definitely possible with a little work in PS, but I lack the skills to get ‘er done. Oh well, I still think it came out okay. I wish I had the time to go back to school and really become a Photoshop master, and a master at photography lighting techniques. Frankly, I think if you can really get those two skills under your belt you have a very strong chance of becoming a pro photographer, if that’s your desire. Of course you first have to have some creative flair for it, and a passion. The problem with all this is to get to that point takes time and money, of which I have little. But there’s no reason I can’t put more time into learning photoshop at home. There’s a plethora of online tutorials and I have a great book I’ve yet to crack. That might make a nice winter project. Not that I’m making any resolutions. If I were, it would be to work out and lose some weight. I should lastly mention that although tonight I’m presenting two posts, I usually limit myself to one a day, except on the weekends. I’ve had a lot of new subscribers of late and I want to take care not to overwhelm their inboxes.

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2 Responses to Lone tree in the park — Woodbine Park, Beaches, Toronto

  1. I don’t think this photo really needs that much work – it looks great just the way you have it here! Nice lighting, composition, exposure, and a beautifully calm scene! Photoshop is quite extensive (even Photoshop Elements can be a long process to learn). I’ve used PSE and now CS5 for several years (just about every day), and I’m still learning! YouTube has been an amazing help, and I picked up the “Missing Manual” book for CS5, that’s been pretty helpful, too.

    • Thanks Holly. Yeah, I’ve been playing with CS5 a bit here and there but I really need to sit down and start at the start, so to speak. I have a bit of a workflow for Lightroom but nothing for CS5. I also use ACDSee Pro for managing the photos. My idea with this shot was to keep it in colour and add a textured look to it, and to really funk up the colours so it looked more like a painting or something. I can’t describe it but I’ve seen similar effects that I’ve liked.

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