Peace… Man

Here’s another shot from yesterday at the Little Italy festival. This guy is a Hare-Krishna and was hanging out with his buddies giving out pamphlets to an upcoming event at their church. I noticed the green wall surrounding the doorway and thought his orange outfit would work great with the green. Once he agreed to a photo I made him follow me over to the doorway. Worked out well.  Then one of his buddies suggested I photograph him beside the tree, which you can see in my second shot. Very nice people. Later in the week I’ll be sharing another photo of a simply beautiful young woman from the group with a million dollar smile. Man was she cute. Anyway, last day of my four days off. Going to get my poop in a group for the upcoming week. It’s sort of bleak and rainy here today, so it works out well.

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4 Responses to Peace… Man

  1. Sonali Dalal says:

    Hare Krishna sect people follow path of Hinduism and visit Temple. Nice capture and contrast.

  2. HMB says:

    Great colors. The guy has a wonderful, open face. Are the marks a religious thing?

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