60s Time Traveller


I shot this at Kensington Market a week back. It’s a hip shot but they both were aware I was photographing them. I saw the guy in the flag pants earlier but couldn’t get a good shot of him. Thought I’d lost him until I noticed him relaxing on a bench out front of one of the shops. I’m not sure how I feel about the guy. Part of me wants to feel sorry for him but without knowing him I don’t think that would be fair of me. Who knows, he might be a happy musician who likes to wear his stage costume. Just because he dresses different from me shouldn’t give me any reason to judge, right? Anyway, I stopped long enough to grab this photo and then blended back into the crowd. Hope you like it.

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2 Responses to 60s Time Traveller

  1. lisa5477 says:

    That is just such a cool shot! I don’t know, I think sympathy towards this guys is a good thing. I mean after all, his bag does not match his shoes and that’s just a big fashion mistake.

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