Night Dogs


Saw this hot dog cart downtown during the night walk I was on and thought it would make a neat shot. Got lucky with the flare, if you like flare, that is. I shot this at ISO 1250. I did apply some noise reduction and sharpening, but still it’s pretty clean for that high of an ISO. Hope you like it.

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13 Responses to Night Dogs

  1. I love this, especially the little splashes of color, and how the cart is illuminated. I really think these night shots are remarkable.

  2. A brilliant photo. Love the three lights descending the wall.

  3. Reminds me of late nights out on the South Side of the Windy City with my dad when I was kid. Lots of these carts around. Best doggies around.

  4. the wuc says:

    Love it. Rich in colour, light and shadows – just like life.

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